Citizens for Terry Hunt

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Please make your check payable to

Citizens for Terry Hunt

PO Box 131

Big Rock, IL  60511

We can also accept contributions either through a PayPal account or your credit card.  Simply click the "Donate" button below to connect to a secure site for processing. Before finalizing your contribution, please enter your name, address, phone number and employer by clicking the "add special instructions" link.  This information is required by the Illinois State Board of Elections.  

Thanks very  much.

Declan and Kyla were an awesome team of campaign managers, and were a big help getting their Grandpa get re-elected. We are grateful for the help and support of all our family and friends.

Even though Declan and Kyla work because they love their Grandpa - the suppliers that printed cards and signs, designed my mailer, provided food for the reception, and a host of other things were not willing to work for nothing.

So, even though the primary is over  I am extremely grateful for financial contributions to help offset my expenses.  Thanks very much.